BISS, Charles (Chuck)
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Charles E. Chuck Biss is presently Senior Director, AIDC Healthcare at GS1. Prior to September of 2008 he was Senior Analyst  Markets & Industry Standardization at Honeywell Scanning and Mobility (formerly Hand Held Products, Inc., where he previously was Vice President of Verification Products) and has been involved in AIDC, bar code, image analysis and bar code verification for more than 35 years. Chuck started in the AIDC industry when he joined PSC Inc. (formerly Photographic Sciences Corporation) in 1973 and since then his focus has primarily been verification and industry standards development, as well as technical support / training and education. He was instrumental in the development of the Quick CheckĀ® verifier product line, which was developed in conjunction with Welch Allyns Data Collection Division and is now part of Honeywell Scanning and Mobility. While at PSC Inc. he had been primarily involved in engineering, production and technical support of bar code products with emphasis on technical support both internal and external to the Companys customers. Responsibilities included product and accessory design, development, organization and dissemination of customer input, product improvement, qualification and testing, technical documentation, sales and technical support, production and quality control related functions. When Hand Held Products acquired the Quick CheckĀ® Verification Product line and its employees from PSC in early 2001 he continued in his roles both within the technical and product line areas as well as his work in the national and international standards arena until his departure from Honeywell. At GS1 he is focusing on the AIDC aspects of their Healthcare initiatives on a global level as well as continuing many of his Standards activities. Chuck was formerly Chairman of the X3A1 Technical Subcommittee on Optical Character Recognition (until it went into an inactive maintenance role in 2000) and was Chair of that committee's Work Group #3 during the development of the American National Standard X3.182-1995 [R] Bar Code Print Quality - Guideline. He also serves on (or has served on) various other industry standards committees for AIM Global (Standards Advisory Group, Technology Standards Executive Committee and Bar Code Technical Symbology Committee), AIAG (Automatic Identification Project Team committees relating to Bar Codes), ASTM (F05.03 Research Subcommittee), EIA (Bar Code Subcommittee), HIBCC (Bar Code Technical Committee), TCIF (Bar Coding committee), GS1 (formerly EAN / UCC where committee work included the BCID TG / GSC, BCID BRG / PTRG, QWG & other working committees), as well as the ANSI MH10.8 committee. He was formerly Vice Chair of ADC1 (the U.S. TAG to JTC 1/SC 31), Vice-Chair of ADC1s Task Group 3 on Conformance and Convenor of SC31s Work Group 3 on Conformance. He served as the Head of Delegation for the U.S. to SC31 general plenary meetings from its initial meeting until he recently was selected to serve as Chairman of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31, a position he continues to hold. He is a charter member of the AIDC 100, was the 2001 recipient of AIM Globals Richard R. Dilling Award. Until his move to GS1 he was also a member of the AIM Global Board of Directors. Chuck received his Bachelor's Degree in Photographic Science and Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.