FOX, Richard P. Jr.
6011 Enterprise DrivE
Export, PA 15632
Phone: 724-387-3500
Fax: 724-387-3516
Rick Fox is President and CEO of FOX IV Technologies, Inc. a manufacturer and integrator of automated labeling systems. He founded FOX IV Technologies, Inc. in 1997. He has been involved with automatic identification since 1982. Rick started his career as an engineer for Matthews International Corporation. Subsequent positions at Matthews included Corporate Manager of New Business Development, Manager of Symbol Systems, and Manager of the Ink Jet Business. Symbol Systems initially manufactured precision bar code symbol film-masters that were used in the production of flexographic printing plates. During this time, Rick served as a consultant to Sears in developing the Sears bar code standards. Under Rick the Symbol Systems business was expanded to include label printer applicators for automatically printing and applying bar code labels to products and cartons. Rick worked on a team, which included Neal Otto of CRM, to develop the worlds first label printer applicator. The business was further expanded to include turnkey system integration of bar codes into manufacturing plants and distribution centers. As Global Manager of the Matthews Ink Jet Business, Rick had P&L responsibility for Matthews ink jet business in North America and global marketing responsibility. Rick was responsible for developing Matthews internal test procedures and guidelines for using continuous ink jet, drop-on-demand ink jet, and impulse ink jet technologies to print bar codes on porous and non-porous surfaces. Rick was actively involved in AIM from 1982 until 2001, having served on the Board of Directors and as the chairperson of numerous committees including the Quality Committee, the Consumables Committee, and as a member of the International Finance Committee. Rick served as Scan Tech Promotion Chair in 1990, Scan Tech Seminar Chair in 1991, and Scan Tech Event Chair in 1992 and 1993. Rick has been actively involved with the Uniform Code Council since 2000, having served on the Conference Advisory Committee and currently a member of the Global Symbology Committee. Rick was a member of the North American Healthcare Group that developed guidelines for the use of the Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) for healthcare. Rick is currently a member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) board of directors and a member of the PMMI RFID Expert Group. The RFID Expert group recently completed revisions to REG ToR13  Proposed Guidelines for the Use of Passive RFID Transponders on Packages and Pallets for Commercial (non-military) Uses. Rick will be presenting REG ToR13 at the Pack Expo Conference in September, 2005. Publications include: -- Offsite Bar Code Printing, Scan Tech 1983 -- Onsite Bar Code Printing, Scan Tech 1984 -- Printing Bar Codes on Corrugated FTA Technical Seminar 1986 -- Smart RFID Labeling Approaches, co-author with David Sakai Chapter 7, RFID Labeling Book, 2004. Rick Fox received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree  Magna Cum Laude - in Business Administration from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also received an MBA in Marketing and coursework towards a PhD in Strategic Planning and Finance from the University of Pittsburgh. He currently serves on the Advisory Committee for the School of Engineering at Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA. Rick has received a patent and has one pending on the automatic application of labels and the identification and selective application of RFID labels and inlays.