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Summary of Accomplishments: --Voting Member - EAN.UCC Physical Technical Requirements Group. A committee of twenty-four, establishing global Automatic Identification Data Capture specifications including RFID, EPC, and GTIN (2002 - present). --Director of EC for the Industrial Supply Association (2003 - present) --Participant - EPC Technical Development Team (2004 - present) --Teach Bar Code 101 and RFID at Gateway Technical College (2003 - present) --Teach an AIDC Supply Chain Lab for Ohio University's Automatic Identification and Data Capture Technical Institute (2003 - present) --Standards Liaison for the Vendor Compliance Federation (2003 - present) --Give RFID and EC tutorials for the U.S. Army Tank, Automotive and Armament Command's EC User Group (1999 - present) --Participant EAN.UCC XRG - EDI standards for North America --UCC and VICS EDI / XML standards work, with an excellent personal and professional relationship with the EC directors of virtually every major retailer in the U.S., plus many of the consumer goods manufacturers and grocers (1991 - present) --Created this web site with FrontPage 2003 --Vice-President, Electronic Commerce, Arrow Products (1989 - 2003) --Implemented Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), including writing maps, guidelines, documentation; select and install EDI translators and mappers; select VANs and integrate with company applications; --Created an EDI service bureau used by more than 3,000 companies in retail, grocery, healthcare, government and industrial/commercial --Created new functionality for existing ANSI X12 EDI transaction sets: 824 Application Advice; 850 Purchase Order and 810 Invoice for Direct to Consumer applications --Selected and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management systems (WMS) --Documented vendor compliance requirements for retail customers --Created and deployed strategies to avoid non-compliance charges --Wrote Vendor Compliance manuals, Shipping and Packaging Guides and EDI Implementation Guides --Integrated Automatic Data Capture (bar codes, product ID, bin locators) for the company --Re-engineered the companys receiving system to save space, time and labor dollars, plus improve accuracy --Trained staff on EDI, UPCs, and e-mail usage --Wrote the corporate web site using html, FrontPage and PhotoDraw --Created and managed a web site to sell sewing machine cabinets ( Committee Work and Affiliations: --EAN.UCC Physical Technical Requirements Group. Determine global Automatic Data Capture standards for bar codes, RFID, EPC, trade item identification, smart chips, etc. (2001 - present) --Participant - EAN.UCC XRG. Maintain X12 EDI Guidelines for the North American retail, grocery and industrial/commercial industries. --VICS Standards Maintenance Committee  An 18 member committee that determined EDI standards for the retail industry in the U.S. Other members included representatives from Nordstrom, Wal-Mart, Sears, JCPenney, Levi Strauss, Nike, and Estee Lauder. (1997-2001) --Chairman of the following UCC Committees: 856 Ship Notice Guideline; Not-for-Resale EDI Invoices; EDI Business Examples; Simple EDI; Small Vendor Task Group --Secretary of the ANSI X12  Serial Shipping Container Label --Member: VICS Direct To Consumer Committee; Advisory Board PC Expo in New York; Gateway Technical College PC Curriculum Committee; University of Wisconsin - Whitewater EC Focus Group --Founding Board Member, Wisconsin eBusiness Forum --Advisory Council, Global Business Resource Center - UW Whitewater and the U.S. Department of Education Strengths: --Teaching - I enjoy teaching people how and why things work. I am good at putting technical terms and concepts in plain English. It is very rewarding when a business professional comes up after a presentation to say Thank you. Ive heard that explained many times and this is the first time I really understood it. Employees today are surrounded by EC tools, yet often lack the training and understanding to use them effectively. --Problem Solving - Streamline, combine, simplify, free up bottle necks - and the answer is not always automation. Sometimes there are common sense changes that can be made. There are ways to validate, audit, and trap errors in a process so you can do it once, right, instead of twice, just in case. Presentations, Tutorials and Workshops --More than one hundred EDI and EC presentations since 1992. Speaker ratings are consistently in the top 10% for the conference. Positive comments include the ability to explain highly technical topics in a down-to-earth manner, using real life examples, humor and a practical business perspective. EC Workshops / Tutorials: RFID / EPC Standards Developments - UW Madison eBusiness Consortium (2004) New England EC User Group - Bar Code and RFID Tutorial (2004) RFID Basics - Wisconsin eBusiness Forum (2003) Bar Code 101 & RFID - Gateway Technical College (2003) AIDC Supply Chain Applications - Ohio University (2003, 2004) EC 101 & 201  EC World (1997-2001) EDI Tutorial  Cole Taylor Banks XML  Greater Chicago EC Forum EC Technology Review  PCExpo in New York and Chicago Supply Chain Management Trends  B2B Conference EDI and Small Business  EDI Council of Canada Forum EDI Business Decisions for Sr. Management  EC World From EDI to XML - Wisconsin eBusiness Forum Presentations: GTIN & Product ID for Sunrise 2005 - Vendor Compliance Federation EC Summit 2002 - Industrial Supply Manufacturers Association RFID & EPC - Twin Cities EC Forum; New England EC User Group; the Association for IT Professionals EC SIG (2003-2004) Bar Code 101 and RFID - U.S. Army TACOM EC User Group 2004 EC and the Small Company  Financial EC Conference EDI the Future is Now  ACH Corporate Electronic Payments Conf. EDI  What It Can and Can Not Do  Natl Assoc. Of Educational Buyers EDI and the Little Guy  Washington University, St. Louis Proactive EDI  Bar Code/EDI User Group EDI in the Retail Industry  Scan-Tech Back Office EC  UCC User Group The Future of EC  UCC User Group EDI for the SME  U.S. Army TACOM EDI Case Study (1992-2001): ID Expo, Scan Tech, Association of PC Users, EDI User Groups in St. Louis, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Omaha, and Vancouver Awards: 1994 - Uniform Code Council's Achievement Award for Outstanding EDI Industry Contributions: "As a result of her professionalism, dedication and integrity...this award publicly recognizes her involvement and commitment to the Voluntary Inter-Industry Communications Standards EDI Community." 2001 - UCC Outstanding Service Recognition: for VICS EDI Standards Maintenance Committee work. Publications: Contributing Editor: --The Compliance Advocate --Packaging World --ISMA On-Line --EDI World --The Journal of Electronic Commerce --EC World Published Articles / Interviews: --Industrial Distribution --Datamation --PC Today --CIO --EDI News