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Spent the past 25 years with Standard Register Co. providing sole technical support for bar codes direct to sales and customers. Company print volume was over $10-million/year in bar codes. Had fundamental hand in developing bar code standards for UPS, Airborne, and Federal Express. Worked with Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in Detroit, MI from 1985  1990. Winner of Outstanding Achievement Award for two years. Chaired various committees such as Technical Symbology and Shipping Label Standard. Officer of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X3.182 Optical Character Recognition and as such helped author the Guidelines for Bar Code Print Quality document (one of 12 authors). AIAG representative to Federation of Automated Coding Technologies (FACT) for 1989-1990. Company representative to Uniform Code Council 1986-2003. Author of 7 patents including one for Automated Mobile Bar Code Reader System and another for printing encryptable data characters. Contributor to Code 49, the first 2-dimensional bar code symbology. Contributor to textbook on data symbologies. (Punched Cards to Bar Codes - A 200 Year Journey from Helmers Publishing, 1997, ref. pp. ix, 216, 227, and others). Contributor to textboom on bar codes (Lines of Communication from Helmers Publishing, 1994, ref. Appendix D. Check Characters).