HORWITZ, Clifford
36 Belcourt Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 949-640-2249
Phone: 949-466-4700 (m)
Cliff Horwitz, formerly the Chairman and Chief Officer of SAMSys Technologies Inc., a Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) listed Company, and its operating subsidiaries. Mr. Horwitz founded this group of companies in 1994, and developed the vision for introducing Radio Frequency Identification into large scale commercial applications; and developed the market driven mass customization strategy by which the Company designs and manufactures RFID hardware to address the specific functional requirements of those applications. He is the Co-Inventor of the patented Multi-Protocol, Multi-Frequency RFID reader architecture which has emerged as the accepted mainstream concept of agile readers contained in the manifesto of EPCGlobal, the body mandated to commercialize and standardize the technology within the global Supply Chain. SAMSys has emerged as a clear leader in the RFID Industry through its unique vision and implementation strategies. Immediately prior to that, Mr. Horwitz was engaged in consulting to a variety of companies desirous of developing their respective Franchise programs across North America; together with other Projects requiring creative solutions to varied business problems, specifically in the areas of Financing, Marketing, Distribution and Strategic Positioning. He held the office of President and C.E.O. of Jumbo Video Inc. from April 1990 until July 1993. That company is Canada's largest and fastest growing enterprise in the Home Entertainment retail industry, and this is largely due to the innovative policies and solutions which he had introduced during his tenure. These accomplishments are consistent with the successful track record which Mr. Horwitz has established throughout his career in many and varied commercial organizations and Industries. Other Industries in which Mr. Horwitz has enjoyed success during his career are Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health Care and Finance; and this has resulted in his becoming a much sought - after contributor to seminars and symposia on diverse topics.