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Bud is an electrical engineering graduate of Georgia Tech with a MSEE from the University of Tennessee. He started working life in the early computer field with Oak Ridge National Lab as a member of a four man team to design and fabricate the first computer Oak Ridge had. The team went to Argonne National Lab near Chicago to work with the Argonne people to finish their first computer, and then build the Oak Ridge machine. He moved back to Oak Ridge with the machine and a new wife, and added many features to the machine to make it particularly useful for nuclear design work. Wishing to stay in the computer development area after the Government decided to leave that development area, he moved to Univac in Philadelphia, where he spent 10 more years developing smaller computers and peripheral devices for them as Director of Engineering with a 600 person engineering department. He then joined two smaller start-up companies, Cogar and Mohawk Industrial Labs in Utica, N.Y. where he spread his wings as general manager of what today would be called personal computers and associated devices. When MIL was sold to a major company, he joined Monarch Marking Systems (now PAXAR) in Dayton, Ohio, to help develop the first of the bar code devices then coming into use. He spent many years there developing state of the art marking machines and special tags and labels, including a very early surface mount based hand held bar code printer containing two microprocessors, label drive motors and all the required accessories. He is a long time member of the Engineers Club of Dayton and a member of the Advisory Board for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Wright State University. He continues to consult with PAXAR, particularly in field of bar codes and RFID.