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1970 Graduate of Tokyo Denki University Nippon Electric is better known as DENSEI. 1978 Developed Barcode Verifier His Auto ID work was initially on developing a bar code verification system and then became focused on CCD and laser based bar code scanners and terminals. DENSEI was one of pioneers in CCD based scanners. He both contributed to and subsequently managed the engineering efforts at DENSEI leading to technology advancements, cost reductions and performance, improvements in CCD and laser scanning technology. 1985 Joined it the establishment committee of AIM Japan as a volunteer 1986 He was a major force in the establishment of AIM Japan 1987-1994 Working group leader of AIM Japan as a volunteer. 1993-1995 Technical Board of AIM International 1995-1997 Board of Directors of AIM Japan 1998 Tokyo Technology service prize Award, based on technical promotion of barcode technology and applications in Japan. 2000  Present Joined the staff of AIM Japan as Secretary General of Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association (JAISA: Old name was AIM Japan). The primary education focus at JAISA has been to increase the understanding of RFID technology and application for the Japanese market.