MINDLIN, Richard
1914-2004 Legacy Member The year 1978 marked a significant change for the Code Council. After 5 years of contracting U.P.C. administration, the Board of Governors decided it was more economical to transfer code administration to a hired staff. They quickly found their candidate among their own. Dick Mindlin, Vice President at NCR, Board member and co-chair of STAC, agreed to take early retirement from NCR and open an office for the UPCC in Dayton, Ohio. Dick Mindlin spent most of his career dealing with automatic identification standards. Before the U.P.C., he was involved with the development of the MICR magnetic-stripe standard used by the banking industry on checks. Beginning January 1, 1978, all technical inquiries would be referred to Mindlin and by January 31 all administration would be transferred to Dayton. On January 1, 1978, the Board of Governors opened its own offices in Dayton with Mindlin as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. Mindlin was signed to a 5 year contract. He remained in charge of the UPCC through 1984 when his successor took over. Mindlin made a special effort to preserve and enhance the role of STAC. At least once a year STAC members were invited to attend a Board of Governors meeting. STAC-type issues were featured at these meetings, and the Board was effusive in expressing its gratitude for the volunteer efforts of the STAC members. Mindlins great contributions to the UCC was that he made an independent, free-standing organization a reality. He left a healthy organization for his successor to build upon.