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Mark Reboulet is the Founder/President of Reboulet & Associates LLC, an innovative consulting firm focused on Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC), exploiting DoD Item Unique Identification (IUID), FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI), data collection/traceability in manufacturing and small business mentoring. Mr. Reboulet has over 35 years AF civil service in logistics, AIDC, business process re-engineering, large scale project management in the AF and DoD logistics and supply chain business processes. Mr. Reboulet is nationally and internationally recognized for his work and contributions in AIDC standards development. Mr. Reboulet has over 27 years in the AIDC market sector, influencing AF/DoD/industry business processes in supply, equipment, transportation, munitions, maintenance, in-transit visibility (ITV), Nuclear Weapons Related Material tracking and supply chain management. His early Foreign Military Sales (FMS) involvement with Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia provided a strong supply chain foundation to build a successful AIDC career. Mr. Reboulet, in 1987 was promoted as the first DoD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) program manager. Mr. Reboulet led the AF/DoD in the standardization, and adoption of RFID throughout ITV processes worldwide. His early standards work on Integrated Circuit Cards (Smart Cards) formed the foundation for the deployment of the Common Access Card (CAC). In 1994, the AF consolidated Logistics Marking and Automated Reading Symbols (LOGMARS) and Microcircuit Technology in Logistics Application (MITLA) under Mr. Reboulet, forming the first AF Automatic identification technology (AIT) Program Management Office (PMO). Mr. Reboulet was the voting DoD member for ANSI X3B10 Smart Card Committee, AF voting member of ANSI X3T6 Technical Working Group addressing RFID transponder interface leading the team to establish National standards for RFID (INCITS 256) that later became ISO/IEC 18000-7. Mr. Reboulet was the AF/DoD voting member of ANSI MH10 SC8 who puts forward the United States position on AIDC standards to International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Mr. Reboulet chair/led this committee for four years. Mr. Reboulet was a hand selected member of the DoD team charged by acting Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Mr. Wynne to use AIDC to improve accountability of DoD inventories. From this team, the DoD Unique Identification (UID) program was born in September 2002. The AF charged Mr. Reboulet and his AIT team with developing policy and implementation plans to meet all of the DoD UID Policy. Thinking outside the Box, Mr. Reboulet envisioned and developed an enterprise deployment methodology for AIDC across multiple AF business processes which resulted in the establishment of the Award winning AF Enterprise Data Collection Layer (EDCL). EDCL standardizes the application architecture on mobile devices as well as the data synchronization from the mobile device to an AF Standard data store. Next, EDCL applies unique transactional transformation through a Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and then publishes the transaction through a standard Enterprise Bus to disparate backend AF systems. The EDCL architecture supports mobile devices that are connected, casually connected and disconnected from a standard AF wired or wireless network that is seamless to the user. As an Expert Witness, Mr. Reboulet helped sort out a patent infringement lawsuit for shipping labels that affected the entire AIDC industry and their customers. Mr. Reboulet was inducted into the ADC 100 in 1998, which recognizes pioneers in the automated data collection industry. Mr. Reboulet was recognized as a top 100 federal executive in 2001 by Federal Computer Weekly. Mr. Reboulet received the AIM Global Percival Award in 2007 recognizing outstanding contributions to the application of automatic identification and data capture technologies in the user community. Finishing out his career in the AF, Mr. Reboulet was again hand selected to be the Deputy Division Chief, AFMC System Integration Division, overseeing portfolio management of AF and AFMC systems including AF Capability initiative such as Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MROi), Enterprise Supply Chain Analysis, Planning and Execution (ESCAPE), and Project Lifecycle Management (PLMi).