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Wilmette, IL 60091
Larry Russell served as Project Manager for McKinseys engagement with the Grocery Industry Ad Hoc Committee of top company CEOs. Active in all areas of the work including the code decisions, he was especially influential and determinant in the work of the Symbol Selection Sub Committee that recommended the UPC symbol. It achieved the goal of accommodating all printing processes at virtually no incremental cost and met the extraordinarily high reading accuracy requirements set by users. He is a brilliant engineer and business expert. His thinking changed concepts and merged the diverse foci of the potential technology providers with the industries requirements. He led the work to define a total system based on utilizing careful engineering studies coupled with industry-wide cost benefit analyses that lent a firm sense of balance and strategic direction to the result. The standard was developed and implemented in less than 4 years. He was largely responsible for how the complex project was presented to sponsors, industry leaders, government oversight agencies and the public at large. It showed the depth and accuracy of the work in straightforward but dramatic terms. This work and his decision to present it in one-on-one session with industry leaders took vast energy, which Larry expended with ease and grace. At the time of the announcement - 4/1/1973 - there were no objections. All told, Larry played a major role in claiming the future for AIDC and establishing the credibility for the work of the Ad Hoc Committee.