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Since Oct. 2005 Director Net Solutions, GS1 Brussels A start-up organization within GS1 to ensure linkage of ADIC technologies and internet based network solutions including PKI, Mobile Computing, and Data Validation through the standardization of global networking solutions. March 1986 - Oct. 2005 18 year CEO of EAN Switzerland After the merger of EAN, SGL and ECR into GS1 Switzerland, Robert was named a member of the board of the new organization. Special achievements within EAN Switzerland: Delegate of Switzerland in UN/ECE WP4, part of the team that created the first EDIFACT message. Elaboration and contract for control of the flow of narcotic substances. Approved by the Swiss government and accepted by the UNDCP (United Nations Drug Control Program). This concept includes bar-coding narcotic substances and controlling their flow by custom designed EDIFACT messages. Several functions within the EAN and GS1 organization: Member of the working party harmonization of global GS1 communication systems. Key contributor and member of the GS1 AIDC Technical Groups: GS1 Global Symbology Committee and its predecessor the Symbol Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), TSC (technical subcommittee) of EAN International, and the GS1 Technical Steering Team (TST). Convener of the TEC-CORE working group responsible for the global harmonization of the EAN/UCC General Specifications. Heavily involved in AIDC and Information system design and implementation with the user and vendor communities in. Responsible for the design and global implementation of the GS1 Global Party Information Registry (GEPIR). Several functions in GS1member company working groups Supply chain standards manager within Nestlé, Vevey Member of the Kraft Jacob Suchard team for re-designing the internal article database. Nov. 1975 - Feb. 1986 Managing Director of Interdispo Datenservice AG, the datacenter for the automotive trade Before taking the management function, designer of in-house applications for Garages including the analyses, programming, and the installation of these systems throughout Europe.