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Frank Sharkey is Technical Director AIDC at GS1 US (Formerly the Uniform Code Council) and has been involved with automatic identification and data capture since 1965. Frank started his career serving as Chief Programmer in the Physics Department of Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Institute of Technology). In this position, he was responsible for a team of software engineers developing High Energy Physics applications, which included automatic identification and data capture of experimental measurements. He also served as a consultant to the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion research group (OTEC) headed by Professor Clarence Zener Frank moved from the University to work for Westinghouse Air Brake and after a short time heading a software applications group, developing real time railroad tracking and control systems, Frank moved on to assume the position of General Manager of the Symbol Systems business unit of Matthews International Corporation. Symbol Systems manufactured precision bar code symbol film-masters that were used in the production of printing plates. While at Symbol Systems, Frank broadened the product line by adding capacity to produce any standard symbology and custom symbols. He created a measurement and analysis team that provided comprehensive reports on the quality of printing processes. This service was used by the Distribution Symbology Study Group (DSSG) to create the first specifications for direct printing of bar code symbols on corrugated containers (latter to become the ANSI MH10 Standard;  Material Handling Bar Code Case Symbols on Unit Loads and Transport Packages. The service was also used by the US Department of Defense to analyze printed samples for the LOGMARS program. He added bar code symbol label printers and specialty printers to the product line. Working with a leading manufacturer of bar code symbol scanners, he led in the design and development of a laser based bar code symbol verifier, the Micro Chek III. Frank then moved to Accu-Sort Systems accepting the position of Special Programs Manager. The duties associated with this position were varied and included sales and marketing, operations, R&D, and administration. Major functions included the management of the staff of software engineers that produced turnkey data acquisition and control products and systems. Additionally, he managed Accu-Sorts Federal Systems Program where he monitored solicitations, marketed directly to DoD organizations, formed partnerships with prime contractors, developed proposals and represented Accu-Sort at negotiations. After leaving Accu-Sort Systems, Frank became an independent AIDC consultant as the principal for Psi Star Associates. Psi Star Associates maintained a close working relationship with Quad II (Rick Bushnell) providing technical support for Quad II clients. During this time, Frank maintained ties with Accu-Sort Systems providing a variety of special services which included, customer technical training, technical documentation, system design, project management, project supervision, and QA management. Frank Sharkey currently serves as Secretariat to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 31 for Information Technology, Automatic Identification and Data Capture. In addition, he manages the GS1 US interest in the development of standards and guidelines relating to the GS1 General Specifications. He is the principal representative for GS1 US for: Working Groups 1 through 5 of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 31, AIM ADC1 and its associated TGs 1 through 5, where he chairs ADC1 TG3, AIM, AIM TSC (former vice-chair and chair), AIM REG, ANSI MH10 (US TAG to ISO TC 122 Packaging), ANSI, ANSI MH10.SC8 (Coding and Labeling of Unit Loads), INCITS Executive Board (US TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1, INCITS Standards Policy Board and INCITS Standards Development Board, ANSI INCITS E22 (RFID for Item Authentication and Chain of Custody), and ISO JWG 122/104 (Supply Chain Applications of RFID). Within GS1 US he serves on the AIDC TDT (bar coding technologies), EPC TDT (RFID technologies), and as co-chair of the Global Symbology Committee (GSC). Frank has a long time involvement with AIM which goes back to the time that AIM was a product section of the Material Handling Institute. Over this time he has served in several capacities including: Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Membership Committee, and Co-Chairman of the Scan - Tech Education Committee. Other achievements in automatic identification include: Member of the Distribution Symbology Study Group: This organization formulated the first set of national guidelines for coding and printing bar code symbols on shipping containers. Results were published as: Recommended Practices for the Uniform Case Symbol, Transport Case Symbol. Member of the American National Standards Institute Committee MH10.8 that published the ANSI Standard: Material Handling Bar Code Case Symbols on Unit Loads and Transport Packages. Publications include: Printing Readable Bar Codes, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Technical Paper; Applying Industrial Bar Codes, contributing author, edited by Dr. Thomas V. Sobczak; Automated Distribution Techno-Economic Forecast, Co-author with Milt Field, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation. Frank Sharkey received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics (minor in mathematics) from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.