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After graduating from Oxford University in 1962 with a degree in Law, I entered the packaging industry and occupied a series of marketing management positions in it until 1981. My first involvement with AIDC was in 1977, when I obtained the UK's first major contract to supply labels carrying bar codes, for the entire own brand range of a major retail chain that was introducing scanning. Later that year I published a booklet to assist companies planning to introduce bar codes on their products. In 1981 I joined Kings Town Photocodes Ltd., in Beverley (East Yorkshire, England), the UK's first specialist bar code company, and became Sales and Marketing Director. After the foundation of AIM UK and AIM Europe in 1984, I chaired several committees including the Scan-Tech Europe Planning Committee which oversaw the successful conference and exhibition, and was a regular conference speaker and moderator at industry events. In 1988 I was elected Chairman of AIM UK. In 1990 I was invited to join the staff of AIM UK and AIM Europe, to manage the association's technical activities, which very rapidly became dominated by standardisation initiatives; AIM was one of the organisations that lobbied for the formation of CEN TC 225, the European Standardisation Committee's technical committee for bar coding, and I was appointed Convenor of the Working Group dealing with "Quality" standards. Here I was responsible for the development of EN 1635, the European version of ANSI X3.182, the standard for verification of bar code symbols, together with a range of other key standards which provided a standardised basis for measuring the performance of bar code printing, scanning and decoding, and verification equipment and software. I also played a leading role in TC 225's WG1, where I prepared the first official European standards for bar code symbologies based on AIM's standards. When the international AIDC standards committee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31 was established in 1996 I was immediately appointed as Convenor of the "Conformance" Working Group and have led that activity since then. The various standards I had produced in TC 225 were accepted as the basis of the international work in this field and to date five of these have been published as International Standards covering linear bar code conformance and equipment/software performance; three further standards have been published in 2004 covering the conformance aspects of two-dimensional symbologies, which has involved the development of a completely new methodology based on image processing and published as ISO/IEC 15415. I also took an initiative to extend the principles which the bar code conformance work had established to Radio Frequency Identification devices, and several parts of ISO/IEC 18047 covering different air interfaces have now been published. I have continued as an active participant in the TC 225 "Symbologies" and SC31 "Data Carriers" WGs where I have been project editor for many of both the CEN and ISO symbology standards, both linear and two-dimensional. In 1998 I left AIM's employment but have continued to work in the AIDC field as an independent consultant under contract to AIM Global, EAN International, UCC, EPCGlobal and major AIDC companies, specialising in AIDC standardisation, technical specifications, bar code and RFID quality and verification issues, training and specialised publications. I have also worked for a consortium of companies in the postal industry on the application of bar code quality standards to digital postage marks, resulting in an European (imminently International) standard and a Universal Postal Union standard. On the personal level, I have been married for 42 years, have three children and six grandchildren. I live in North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, England, and my interests are (when family ties permit) walking, music, researching family history and vacationing in France. October 11, 2004