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Currently President Strategic Venture Development, Lockheed Martin Corp., Vic Verma led a management buyout of Savi in 1999 from Raytheon. Since then, Savis valuation has increased more than 2,000 percent on revenue growth of more than 500 percent. Under Mr. Vermas direction, Savi has expanded its network software platform and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) product solutions on sales to a growing diversity of government and commercial customers worldwide. He was a co-founder of the company in 1989, and has held a succession of progressively responsible technical, management and executive positions since then. As COO, he was instrumental in negotiating the acquisition of the privately held company in 1995 to Texas Instruments. In 1997, the unit was sold to Raytheon. Mr. Verma holds eight patents, and early in his career his DF/Tag product was recognized as the Most Innovative Technology Developed by a Small Business by the White House Office of Science and Technology. His patents include: --Efficient Electrically Small Loop Antenna; issued 1/16/1996 --Method and Apparatus for Locating Items; issued 6/18/1996 --Dual Polarization Crossed Loop Antenna; issued1/7/1997 --Communication System for Tags; issued 6/17/1997 --Communication System for Tags; issued 11/11/1997 --Efficient Electrically Small Loop Antenna; issued 6/16/1998 --Personal Messaging system; issued 10/26/1999 --Small Omni-Directional Slot Antenna; issued 4/18/2000 He has won numerous industry accolades, including being named as one of 40 Technology Innovators by the World Economic Forum. In 1999, he was the recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award by the Florida Institute of Technology, where he earned his undergraduate degree and now sits on its Board of Trustees. He also is on the Board of Governors of the National Center to the Asia Pacific Economic Coalition (APEC). He earned an M.S.E. degree from the University of Michigan, and an Advanced Engineers degree from Stanford University, both in electrical engineering. He also completed all the coursework and passed the qualifying exam for his Ph.D. candidacy in electrical engineering from Stanford University before leaving to join Savi. In addition, he attended the executive management program for CEOs at Harvard Business School, the AEA Executive Institute at Stanford University, and the Financial Management Program at the University of California-Berkeley.