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Mr. Mullen is past President of AIM Global, the trade association for Automatic Identification and Mobility. As an industry advocate, Mr. Mullen strives to present a balanced view of the technologies -- including their strengths and limitations. He has appeared on CNN and been interviewed by many local, national, and international media outlets, including BusinessWeek and Fortune, addressing bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID) and many other AIM technology topics. Prior to this leadership position Dan, as VP Operations, managed all marketing, finance, and membership development aspects of the Association. Previously, Mr. Mullen served as the Vice President, Technology. In this role he managed the development of industry and national standards efforts. He was the industry's primary liaison with national standards setting organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Dan serves as Chairman of AIM ADC1, the U.S. Technical Advisory Group for ISO/IEC SC31, and the international standards committee for Automatic Identification and Data Capture. Under his guidance, AIM symbology standards have moved from industry documents to internationally accepted specifications. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a degree in electrical engineering, Mr. Mullen has also earned an MBA from Duquesne University.