OEHLMANN, Heinrich
Jozef Israelslaan 3
Den Haag, NL-2596AM The Netherlands
Phone: 49-3445-78-11-60
Fax: FAX: 49-3445-77-01-61
Heinrich Oehlmann was born in 1941 in Naumburg/Saale, Germany. Educated as engineer in communications technologies. He worked in automation technologies at SIEMENS, ERICSSON, PHILIPS. In 1978 he founded his own engineering firm Ing. Büro Oehlmann. From there companies like ICS AG-Switzerland and Germany were born. With these he developed automatic identification applications for industry and healthcare, applications that are in use worldwide today. Since the mid eighties Heinrich Oehlmann participated in standardization work for barcode and RFID as a communication vehicle for supply chain logistics representing DIN (German Industry Standards)-, CEN- & ISO-committees. RFID-Technologies play a key role in these areas since 2004. Heinrich Oehlmann is chairman of the Eurodata Council, Den Haag  Netherlands and board member of the Health Industry Business Communication Council (EHIBCC) in Brussels  Belgium and as such member of the International Health Care Committee IHIBCC-TC. As convener of DIN-standards committee Information Technology NI 31 he coordinates the requirements of users in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31. The industry recommendation ISO powered RFID Solution was created. As Senior Consultant Heinrich Oehlmann currently works on several user projects in barcode and RFID. " He founded ELMICRON GmbH in 1979 with a focus on Automation und Data capture (Still in existence today and managed by his sons Harald). " Developed the first identification system in 1980 erstes on the basis of metal punch cards that were spray paint resistant for BMW, together with colleagues from ELMICRON AG, Wetzikon-Switzerland. " 1981: first barcode installation with label printers and wands form Intermec. First use of CODABAR in blood banks. " 1984: first barcode laser scanner installation at BMW on production lines. " 1985 AIM-Europe, Chairman of SCANTECH in Utrecht - Netherlands. " 1987: first 2D-Code-Installation Stacked Barcode CODABLOCK at the German Post, and at Carl Freudenberg, Weinheim, developed by his son Dr. Harald Oehlmann " 1986: first installation von LF-Transponder technology collection of load data at a cement plant. " 1990: Support für the ODETTE-label (later referred to as VDA 4902) for Tracking & Tracing in the automobile supply chain. " 1991: first Tracking & Tracing Systems food industry at Jacob Suchard. This project was relevant from the peoint of view of the development of Appolication Identifiers in the GS1-System. " 1992: CEN TC 225 delegate and Chair Multi-Industry-Transport label " 1995: Technical director in the EHIBCC (European Health Industry Business Communication Council, Den Haag - Netherlands " 1996: Delegate in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31 AIDC " 1999: EUROCODE for blood products, development support until registration. " 2000: Founding of Eurodata Council Foundation, Den Haag - Netherlands, as user and liaison organization for use of DIN, ISO & IEC Standards in Industry and healthcare. " 2001: Member of ANSI-Maintenance Committee Data identifiers for Barcode & RFID according to ISO/IEC 15418. " Today: Convener of DIN NI 043-01-31 and German representative in several ISO & IEC committees and reporter for AIM-Deutschland and its members. His vision: Interoperability of AIDC-Systems between industry, commerce and healthcare without monopolistic restrictive numbering systems tyat work as a barrier. Hybrid technologies allow for the optimal use of AIDC-technologies: Where there is RFID inside  there is barcode on the outside.