GRAY, Scott
Blue Tower, Avenue Louise, 326
Brussels, Belgium, BE 1050
Scott has worked in AIDC since 1984 and is currently the AIDC Technology Leader for GS1 Global. Scott is an avid advocate for AIDC technologies with a passionate emphasis on using these technologies to improve every aspect of peoples lives. He is a diplomat, teacher and mentor. He understands the intricacies and works diligently to maintain the integrity of the AIDC standards that millions of people rely on everyday. But Scott goes a step further. He works around the world as an ambassador for the use of bar codes and RFID to prevent mistakes and save time, money, and lives. Scott has been instrumental in maintaining and rewriting the GS1 General Specifications and has helped to identify many of the best business practices we use today in item, location and asset identification. AIDC 100 puts a lot of emphasis on the mechanics of data capture, but unique identification is really the business application we ultimately serve. He has written several Executive White Papers and presentations on the use of automatic identification in Health Care, Grocery, Retail, Fresh Foods, Tracking and Tracing, Mobile Phones and Serialization. Scott is a frequent speaker on AIDC. He works with industries new to global identification, bar codes and RFID to help them deploy these technologies in an effective way. Scott has taken the AIDC message to forty countries; speaking, training, and meeting with industry and government officials.