SPITZ, Glenn
1254 Sherman Dr., Unit 1
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-485-6811
Glenn Spitz is the founder and president of Webscan, Inc. a manufacturer of ANSI and ISO/IEC-compliant in-line and table-top bar code verifiers for both linear and 2D symbologies. Prior to founding Webscan in 1995, Spitz worked for 10 years at Symbol Technologies (now a subsidiary of Motorola), a leading manufacturer of bar code readers, where he was in charge of decode algorithm development. Spitz has been personally involved in standards development with AIM, GS1 and ISO since the early 1990s. He is currently the Project Editor of six ISO standards* and a regular contributor to the AIM TSC and the BCID committee of GS1. He is a member of the U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC SC31 and a regular delegate to international SC31/WG1 workgroup meetings (the workgroup which controls the six documents of which he is the Project Editor). Webscan hosted the most recent SC31/WG1 meeting (July 2010) in Boulder, CO. Glenn Spitz has been a key innovator in the development of 2D bar code verification methodology and technology. He holds several patents related to bar code verification, including the 2001 patent entitled Self-contained scanning and verifying apparatus with movably mounted scanning unit which enabled the first controlled verification of stacked symbologies such as PDF417. The related product was recognized as the one of the Russ Adams Top 10 of Frontline Expo 2000 for being the first raster verifier. In total, he is the inventor or co-inventor on nearly 20 U.S. and foreign patents related to bar code reading and/or verification. Spitz has published articles in magazines such as Flexo, the publication of the Foundation of the Flexographic Technology Association and Package Printing. In addition to countless customer training seminars, Glenn also has delivered educational presentations at trade shows including those shown in the following table. Year Location Title/Subject 1996 FFTA Forum, New Orleans High Speed Online Bar Code Verification 2001 Frontline Solutions Expo / TCIF Symposium Telecom applications of Linked and Stacked Bar Codes 2003 Eastpack, Javitz New York City Hospital Unit Dose Application of Reduced Space Symbology 2003 DoD Part Marking AIT Forum Sponsored by AF AIT PMO and DOD Logistics AIT Office, St. Louis MO The Mechanics of Verification (Labels and Direct Part Marking) 2005 AIT Forum, St. Louis 2D Bar Code Verification Standards 2007 UPU, Paris, France Bar Code Verification for Postal Applications 2008 Interphex, Tokyo Japan Specifications and Validation Methodology for RSS (GS1 DataBar) symbology Glenn holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from SUNY Stony Brook, and he is active in the Alumni activities of both Universities and currently participates in Career Development activities with undergraduates at the State University of Colorado at Boulder.