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Mr. Kimball is employed by SRA International and under contract serves as the Lead Technical Advisor, DOD Logistics Automatic Identification Technology Office, US Transportation Command. He represents the Department of Defense at national and international standards meetings in an effort to increase the harmonization between commercial AIT standards and DOD policy. Mr. Kimball's responsibilities include primary focal point for the standardization and technical integration of Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) within the Department of Defense. Mr. Kimball is an active member of the leadership of numerous national and international AIT standards organizations and currently chairs the ISO/IEC Working Group on RFID Security. He is also the Secretary of the international working group (ISO/IEC JTC 1, SC31, WG4, SG3) on RFID Air Interface, and serves as Project Editor for the international standard ISO/IEC 15423 Bar code scanner and decoder performance testing. In November 2008 he was appointed Chair of the US Technical Advisory Group to SC31. He has served as Co-Chair of the DOD Working Group for UID Business Rules. Mr. Kimball serves as Vice Chair of the DOD RFID Technical Working Group and is a founding member of the AIM Global RFID Experts Group. Internationally Mr. Kimball is a member of the U.S. delegations to ISO/IEC-JTC1-SC31 on automatic identification and data collection and an active participant in the six subordinate working groups. He also participates in international standardization work on aerospace part marking (ISO TC20/WG13), freight container identification and tracking (ISOTC104/SC4/WG2), Supply Chain Applications of RFID (ISO TC104/TC122 Joint Working Group) and Packaging (ISO TC 122). At the national level Mr. Kimball is a member of the Material Handling Industries of America Committee on automatic identification and serves as Vice Chair of Sub Group 8 on AIDC. In November 2008 he was appointed as Chairman of the US technical Advisory Group to ANSI dealing with SC31 matters. He currently serves on GS1 US, EPCglobal and AIM committees dealing with bar code and RFID technology issues. Mr. Kimball was a member of the former Industrial Commercial Advisory Committee, and the Shipping Container Marking and Labeling Committee and the Business Process Group (Item Identification) of the Uniform Code Council (UCC). Mr. Kimball is a member of the US delegation to the NATO Asset Tracking Working Group and is the author and custodian of the NATO Standardization Agreements on RFID and Unique Item Identification. Mr. Kimball has been instrumental in the drafting and writing of the AIT portions of MILSTD 130L and MILSTD 129P, and NATO Standardization Agreements on bar codes and shipping labels. For his work in ADIC standardization he was awarded the 2009 SRA Technical Achievement Award.