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Bar code industry pioneer Rick Warther has been in the Auto ID industry since 1979. Rick Warther founded Vanguard ID Systems in 1987 to manufacture bar coded retail transaction cards. By 1996, the company had quadrupled in size. Today, the company is a pioneer and leader in the development of cards, key tags and labels for customer loyalty, membership, gift and debit programs and access control. Vanguards extensive product line incorporates bar code, magnetic stripe and RFID technologies. A successful entrepreneur and innovator, Warther holds 28 United States Patents for bar coded, magnetic striped and radio frequency (RFID) transaction devices (Source: http://patent.ipexl.com/inventor/Richard_O_Warther_3.html). He was the first to laser print on plastic, creating the first bar coded membership/ ID card. He invented the first bar coded key tag. To date, Vanguard ID Systems has delivered more than 1 billion of these tags. He also pioneered Flip Chip RFID key tags for contactless transactions. Warther is listed in Whos Who in Business and Industry. He is also a Program Facilitator for Strategic Coach, which provides a forum where successful entrepreneurs can strategize. In his leisure time, Warther enjoys aviation and other pursuits. He holds a private pilots license (instrument rated) and volunteers as an Angel Flight pilot, providing medical air transportation for patients in need. He also serves on the board of the American Helicopter Museum. Warther has also served as a Championship Auto Racing Technical Official (CART). He holds a bachelor of science degree in Communications from Kent State University. Rick received the 2011 Kent State Centennial Award, the highest honor given by the school in recognition of professional achievement and renowned contributions to one's profession or life's work relating to the field of communication.