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Kevin Berisso, PhD, is the Executive Director of Ohio University's AIDC Lab and an Assistant Professor in the school's Industrial Technology Department. He received his BS in Industrial Technology from Ohio University and a MS in Industrial Technology from Indiana State University before taking a position with Applied Tactical Systems. While at ATS, he worked as a project engineer with companies such as Colgate-Palmolive and TRW. He then went to work for Delphi Automotive as a manufacturing engineer in the automotive battery division. In 2003 Dr. Berisso received his PhD in Technology Management from Indiana State University. He then proceeded to teach at Central Missouri State University before returning to OU in the summer of 2005. Included in Kevin's research interests are direct part marking, AIDC integration with manufacturing processes and automation. His non-AIDC research activities include rapid prototyping and coordinate metrology. His has taught classes in automation, CNC, materials testing, production tooling, AIDC and international management. Dr. Berisso followed in the footsteps of the late Jim Fales who was one of the charter members of AIDC 100. He is one of the few educators focused on AIDC technologies and the only university professor who "teaches the teachers" in the AIDC Technical Institute at Ohio University that is held annually. This weeklong AIDC 100 program indoctrinates professors from all over the counrty and overseas who go back to educate their students. Kevin's classes focus on bar coding, RFID, magnetic stripe, smart cards, voice recognition, biometrics and related systems. (See a video on the program at: In 2012, he accepted AIM Global's Ted Williams Award, which is presented annually to a professor or student in recognition of innovative and exceptional contributions that further the growth of the AIDC industry through their work as a teacher, researcher and entrepreneur. Kevin is also an active member of AIMs IoT and TSC committees and his research interests include the Internet of Things, direct part marking, and the 2D Judge for 2-D bar code quality evaluation.